Europe ‘less important’ for US presidents

Written by What will the outcome of the US presidential race mean for Europe? During Barack Obama’s tenure in the White House the economic crisis ensured that he remained engaged with the EU.

Mitt Romney has worried some European observers with hostile comments towards Russia and China, a hardline stance over Iran, and a pro-Israeli, anti-Palestinian approach.

Europe is not listed among the Republican candidate’s foreign policy priorities on his website.

Dr Ted R Bromund of the conservative think-tank the Heritage Foundation told euronews that Europe’s importance had declined.

”I think Mitt Romney would focus a little bit more on Europe than President Obama has done, but I think the era of the US focusing on Europe as the most important part of the world has gone, regardless of whether Mitt Romney or Barack Obama is in the White House next year. That was a different era in US policy; Europe is at peace; it is losing economic importance vis-a-vis Asia. And naturally the United States is going to look at where there are foreign policy crises and where the economy is growing, instead of places where this is not true,” he said.

Mitt Romney’s foreign trips have been noted for their gaffes: criticising London’s Olympic preparations, and describing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Yet some point out that campaign comments are often aimed at a domestic audience. Once in power US presidents tend to be reined in by practical reality.

Obama or Romney: some believe the winner’s identity is less important for Europe than the performance of the American economy.

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  • um, Jerusalem has been the capital of Israel since 1950. It wasn't a gaffe for Romney to call Jerusalem the capital, it was a political statement. Israelis should be allowed to decide what their own capital city is. I thought it was hilarious when the "conservative commentator" basically said, "American Presidents aren't really paying any attention to Europe because Europe has pretty much made themselves irrelevant to any issue of consequence." Ouch!

    TheWebUnderCeij June 19, 2016 8:53 pm
  • europe is a joke now i guess

    Kommireddy Pavan June 19, 2016 8:53 pm
  • i agree and i am american,my country is turning into a joke!

    john doe June 19, 2016 8:53 pm
  • This Romney Clown won’t get much support other than with his Jew Friends I can tell you that much already

    14842 June 19, 2016 8:53 pm
  • You can keeo Tony Blair your poodle for free, he is not wanted in Europe either take him before I kick his ass to china or Kremlin let him poop his delusional shit there.

    14842 June 19, 2016 8:53 pm
  • No problem you can have your dirty Macdonald’s back too. please get the fuck out of Europe and no American bases, we don’t need you .. next time you planning a illegal war don’t ask!

    14842 June 19, 2016 8:53 pm
  • consider that to be a very good thing

    capucchan8 June 19, 2016 8:53 pm
  • Is it true that the Dept of Defense’s daughter had disguised herself as a former HUD employee
    that Buffalo recognizes as having had a good employment record, got sick and went to
    church; while there, she was named a Prophet and in good standing in that area too.
    By disguising as her, other employees of govt, former bosses & their family went
    on TVEvangelism shows & did same, were arrested; opening fed. investigations of themselves w/some ending in prison.

    JoseCleveland June 19, 2016 8:53 pm
  • "Mitt Romney has worried some European observers with hostile comments towards Russia and China, a hardline stance over Iran"
    Who in W EU, a sane person of course, agrees with Putin's policies, WHO?
    Who in W EU agrees with outsourcing jobs to China, WHO?
    And with Iran, as far as I know EU has imposed pretty drastic economic sanctions to that dictatorial regime, therefore BEFORE you start criticizing one side, Mitt Romney in this case, try to look at yourself FIRST.

    Chris RoadWarrior June 19, 2016 8:53 pm
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