Judgment: Real America and the Real God Pt1a

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Judgment: Real America and the Real God Pt1a | | WIBR/WARN

“Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.” — Aleister Crowley (The Book of the Law/Liber Al Vel Legis)

Upfront in hour one we will feature our Prophecy News and world events with the Watchman n Tower looking at the wave of upheaval and lies in DC. We begin with socialist and commie Bernie Sanders, then we pick up a story on a Sheriff who is politically incorrect and tells citizens to prepare for war. We discuss Civil war America, Malware threat hitting electrical grid, Snowden, FBI leaks, and more as we have time.

In hours two and three we will begin our series study on Judgment: Real America and the Real God. Aleister Crowley would be escatic at what has happened to the world, especially in America. The lawlessness and godlessness would make this man, the former wickedest man in the world to rejoice. However, his reward for his wickedness is in progress as I write. For he was the example of lawlessness and being proud of it.
In America the Real America is vanished; yet in some books, history books, and pictures we do see what the real America was. Today, however it is a new age, a new lawlessness, and a new generation of leaders who are bringing us into a level of an America that has quickly thrown out the Christian faith.

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