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What is love? What does it mean? Is it REAL?

In a world that is plagued by wars, religious conflict, terrorism, fear and genocide, recent generations seem to have lost track of LOVE. It seems to take losing a loved one or losing love altogether for people to realize how primal the act of loving is. The majority of us are led by a thirst for money, power, and social status.We seem to have categorized LOVE as an ancient emotion that has now become almost impossible to define. It is merely viewed as a practice of fairly tales, legends and glittery Hollywood fabrication.

After 6 months of struggling to define love we have come to one conclusion: none of us are capable of defining it clearly or without discomfort. It’s weird, it’s private, it’s… secret. We are not as much trying to define love but rather seeking it in a world that has glamorized it, when in fact it is merely something we have no control of. We may have simply forgotten to just feel it.

Our focus has now flipped.

With this film, we seek to remind people that love is indeed an existing human instinct within us, one that we may have just stopped listening to.

We would like you to join us in our search for true LOVE. Take pride in owning part of a meaningful piece of art that everyone can relate to in some way.

We are in constant search for love. Over the next year, we will be interviewing every walk of life. Talking with them candidly about love. People about to get married. People that love in strange ways and People that don’t believe in love. Divorcees, Arranged marriages, Mail order brides and On-line dating. Young love, Prince Charming, First kisses and Love after 50, 75, 90. People searching desperately for love, Unconventional love and Every part of love. Religious people, Scientific people, Men or women in love with inanimate objects. Interviewing therapists, psychologists , love doctors and matchmakers.

We want love stories.

With your help we can make this even a stronger project.

The funds collectively will be used to produce this documentary. We will have production costs such as equipment rental and purchase. We will have travel expenses for interviews. We will have post production costs like editing and sound design.
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