Paul to the Romans pt6a: ‘Christian admonitions’ on 2ndhr

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Our Schedule for tonight features three one hour segments:
Today’s schedule:
► 1st hour is Prophecy News Hour with Watchman n Tower 6:30-7:30
► 2nd hour Paul to the Romans is pt6a 2ndhr 7:30-8:30
► 3rd hour Paul to the Romans is pt6b 3rdhr 8:30-9:30

Romans Called to be Saints Pt6a ‘Christian admonitions’| | WIBR-WARN radio

Romans Called to be Saints Pt6a ‘Christian admonitions’ will be featured in hours two and three. The focus now on Christian duty, being transformed, renewing your mind. It is that place where the Apostle speaks directly to Christians and delivers an appeal that ‘by the mercies of God’, present your bodies a living sacrifice. Here as the believer finds the mercy of God, so the believer can become that sacrificial service for God in an holy, acceptable way to the Lord.

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