Presidents of US and Tunisia in a motorcade pass military band,review troops and …HD Stock Footage

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Presidents of US and Tunisia in a motorcade pass military band,review troops and arrive at El Aouina Airport in Tunis,Tunisia.

US and Tunisian Presidents in a motorcade arrive at El Aouina Airport in Tunis,Tunisia. Palace guards lined up on both sides of thoroughfare. US President Dwight D Eisenhower and Tunisian President Habib Bourguiba in the official car. The car makes a turn in the center of town. The Presidents seated in the rear seat of the sedan car. The car passes military band. President Eisenhower stands in the rear seat. Presidents standing in the car review Tunisian troops. Tunisian military band play outside hangar type building. President Eisenhower and President Bourguiba walk along a red carpet at El Aouina Airport to the speakers’ stand. The Presidents mount steps up to the speakers’ platform. A crowd of dignitaries and Tunisian military personnel surrounding the platform. A large field in the background. The Presidents face each other on the speakers’ stand. A man jots down notes. President Eisenhower speaks into the microphone. Location: Tunis Tunisia. Date: December 17, 1959.

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