US President Bush meets Swedish PM Reinfeldt

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1. US President George W. Bush with Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt
2. SOUNDBITE: (English) George W. Bush, US President:
“We talked about a lot of areas of interest. Two areas that I think really will have a profound effect on our respective countries, as well as on the world, are the issue of climate change and trade. Let me start with trade. The Prime Minister is very interested in the Doha Round. He’s interested in US strategies to achieve success in the Doha Round. I assured him that we’re committed to achieving a world that trades more freely; that we recognise we have obligations to do – to deal with our agricultural subsidies in order to move the Doha Round forward. Secondly, we talked about climate change.The Prime Minister is concerned about greenhouse gases. I share your concerns about this issue. We talked about how, on the one hand, we can work together – as I understand, we’re signing some agreements that have – that move forward alternative energy proposals. I assured the Prime Minister that here at home, that I’m concerned about the environmental issues, as well as the national security implication for being too dependent on oil. I shared with him my optimism about reducing US gasoline consumption by 20 per cent over the next 10 years by promoting alternative fuels. I talked to him about our desire to work with Europe and China and India and Japan and Australia and other countries about an international framework that will meet the following objectives: One, economic vitality and growth; two, the advance of new technologies; and third, obviously, the effects that will have on reducing greenhouse gases. The Prime Minister made this a centre point of our conversation, and I fully appreciate and understand why. I appreciate the leadership you’ve taken on this important issue, not only in your country, but at the EU, as well. It’s noticeable to me here in the United States, and I congratulate you for being the strong leader that you are. All in all, we’ve had a wonderful discussion, and I welcome you here to the Oval Office.”
3. SOUNDBITE: (English) Fredrik Reinfeldt, Swedish Prime Minister:
“Thank you very much. It’s been great. Thank you. Well, I should also say that I pointed out the importance of President Bush’s leadership on the Doha Round. There are too few in the world fighting for free trade, so we need the President on that. And I hoped we could, during a very short span, bring this to an end. And I was so grateful for the comments and leadership on the climate issue. It will be debated for many years to come. So thank you very much for that.”
4. SOUNDBITE: (English) George W. Bush, US President:
“Thank you, sir. Appreciate you coming.”
5. Reinfeldt leaving White House
6. Limousine departing
Sweden’s prime minister made global warming the focus of talks with US President George W. Bush on Tuesday, reflecting a push by European leaders to win greater cooperation from the United States in cutting greenhouse gas emissions.
After the White House meeting, Fredrik Reinfeldt also praised Bush for efforts to complete a deal on the Doha Round of global trade talks.
Climate change and trade are subjects of intensive negotiation between European countries and the US and will be among priority issues at a meeting of the Group of Eight major industrialised countries in Germany early next month.
Reinfeldt met with Bush before meeting with members of Congress to detail Sweden’s efforts to break its dependence on oil and reduce greenhouse gas emissions during a rare appearance by a prime minister at a congressional hearing.
The trip is Reinfeldt’s first to Washington since his centre-right coalition came to power in October.

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